James Maloney & Wendy Yurachek

Located in the City of Falls Church, Maloney & Yurachek, P.C is less than one mile from The Falls Church, the historic Northern Virginia parish dating back to 1732.

A law firm with primary emphasis in estate planning, trusts and taxation, Maloney & Yurachek provides personalized, effective legal representation.

Almost everyone confronts the problem of planning for management of assets after a disability and for distribution of assets after death. For young couples, the primary concern is providing for children - if something happens who will raise the children and who will manage their inheritance. Older individuals are often concerned with how assets can be managed when they no longer can or want to handle things themselves. For many clients, there is the issue of potential estate tax on assets accumulated over a lifetime or on life insurance purchased to provide for a spouse or for children. Your primary concern may be estate tax, management of assets being left to a spouse or children, or simply that property goes where you want it to go.

We have over thirty years of experience, and we work with clients with diverse needs. From planning for young families to individuals with complex and diverse holdings, Maloney and Yurachek can tailor your estate plan to your needs. A plan may include wills, living or testamentary trusts, irrevocable trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, and special gifting techniques.

Maloney & Yurachek also provides probate services and can assist with the administration of trusts. Estate planning, trusts, and estate and gift tax are our primary areas of practice, and we provide prompt and professional service.

Personalized, effective legal representation in Estate Planning, Trusts and Taxation